Monthly Archives: September 2008

Executive Q&A with Spinwave Systems CEO Bill LaPointe

An interview with Spinwave President and CEO William LaPointe was featured as the Executive Q&A in the August/September issue of Remote Monitoring and Onsite Power Magazine, where Bill discussed Spinwave’s newest products and the wireless mesh market. Click on the … Continue reading

Keeping Data Centres Online

Rooms filled with dozens of servers are often the centre of a battle between IT equipment emitting heat and air conditioners trying to keep temperatures down. To the chagrin of many IT technicians, overworked HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) … Continue reading

NHS hospital pharmacy compliance

Adaptive Wireless Solutions have supplied a wireless sensor network system to Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd as part of a pharmacy monitoring compliance solution for a Central England NHS hospital. The wireless validated monitoring system was installed by Facility Monitoring Systems … Continue reading

Wireless sensor network helps data centres keep their cool

New approach to sensing allows data centres to manage cooling and keep computers running The power demands of newer high density computing equipment and the need to keep them cool are growing exponentially. This is causing major problems in terms … Continue reading

Wireless sensor network helps safeguard hardware warranties

Operating expensive IT computer equipment for extended periods of time at high ambient temperatures greatly reduces reliability, longevity of components and will likely cause unplanned downtime. Hardware manufacturers will deem warranty coverage to be void if their products are operated … Continue reading