Monthly Archives: June 2010

Recent articles highlight possibilities for wireless sensors

These articles discuss some of the issues to consider when specifying wireless sensor networks and illustrate the wide range of industries benefitting from the flexibility and ease of use wireless offers.

NEW website from E-Senza

E-Senza have recently upgraded their web site. Click here to check out what’s new.

Wireless CO2-Sensor

The SenzaBlock SB110-C is a wireless sensor in the growing Senzablock family. This sensor can measure CO2 concentration and send it over wireless.  Its integrated radio provides seamless wireless connectivity. Click here to see the full details.

College Learns How to Save Energy – Wirelessly

Historic Dartmouth College  expects to reduce fuel requirements by 5 to 15 percent a year and anticipates  recouping its expenditures on the new system in a year. Click here to read the full report