A New Deal for Buildings

The objective of the New Deal is to facilitate a dialog between building systems industry and commercial building professionals, a dialog on how we collectively think about intelligent and smart systems in buildings. Specifically, the focus of the New Deal is to address the challenges faced by both vendors and owners to plan for, procure, manage and maintain building automation systems that lie at the heart of modern facilities.

We believe that both vendors and owners are currently being prevented from maximizing the full value of buildings, mostly because of the industry’s systemic structure and unit economics that has evolved in the industry over the decades. We believe that a new deal is needed between vendors and owners, a new deal that can improve the relationship between vendors and owners, from the current antagonistic norms to one that is more open, transparent and partnership based.

Core to the New Deal is a set of building blocks that lay out key components of technology and services that would usher a new way to look at implementing information technology in buildings. The building blocks are BACnet open systems, model-based analytics, and service transparency.

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