Anybus Wireless

Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WLAN are finding increasing use in industrial applications. The benefits are obvious: less costs and trouble with cabling and easier installation, especially in hard-to-reach locations.

With performance, security and reliability now being on a par with wired communication, Anybus® Wireless products will enable you to keep up with the demands of the modern factory and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Anybus Wireless Bridge™ and Anybus Wireless Bolt™ offer quick and easy Bluetooth™ and WLAN connectivity in the same industrial hardware, to industrial devices and machines on Industrial Ethernet networks.

The technology is the same and they work seamlessly together. They both have different form factors suitable for the varying physical demands of industrial wireless applications.


Anybus Wireless Bridge

Anybus Wireless Bridge enables you create a robust industrial wireless connection between two points in an industrial Ethernet network.

anybus-wireless-bridge-ii ethernetAnybus wireless bridge serial---bluetooth

Anybus Wireless Bridge II – Ethernet

Anybus Wireless Bridge – Serial – Bluetooth

Anybus® Wireless Bolt™

Anybus Wireless Bolt enables you to connect industrial devices to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access. Wireless transmission is made via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy or WLAN technology.


Anybus® Wireless Bolt™

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