Asset Management

Businesses with dispersed facilities are faced with increasing levels of automation of remote equipment, very high expected uptime performance and de-manning of critical sites. In facilities such as electricity substation and wastewater treatment plants breakdowns are very costly and disruptive.

Obtaining detailed measurements remotely in real time is a major obstacle in achieving a true picture of equipment and process conditions to prevent costly breakdowns. Traditional hard wired retrofit approaches are generally too expensive or disruptive to install.

Common applications are for temperature, vibration, pressure and energy consumption. Integration with existing asset management systems such as Pi is straightforward either locally or remotely. If a complete solution is required, by automatically sending data off-site using your own internet connection or GPRS telemetry to our hosted asset management system, central monitoring of even hundreds of sites anywhere in the world can be provided. With remote alerting by email and text message and extensive analytical reporting capabilities our wireless asset management solutions simply deliver.

Asset Management  Solution Guide

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