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Data centre monitoring case study

wireless sensor network

In data centres avoiding downtime is critical. Temperature and humidity fluctuations and hot spots can wreak havoc on server hardware and cause costly breakdowns.

This paper describes an application using wireless sensor networks at a major natural resources company in one of their mission critical data centres. A wireless mesh network solution was chosen as it provided the best combination of reliability, flexibility and data granularity that the customer was seeking. Download


Industrial Process Monitoring. Rapid and Simple  Installation Provides Access to Critical Process Quality Data

wireless sensor networkA manufacturer of high performance industrial building products faced a challenging process improvement problem. They needed to monitor critical variables in the process that were contributing to product quality problems and issues with downstream processing.

Their building environment and the constraints of the production equipment layout made the use of wired sensors impractical and very costly and time-consuming to install.

Using a  wireless sensing network solution they were able to gather the data they needed and present it to shop-floor operators so that they could monitor process variables, be alerted to out-of-limit conditions, intervene to make corrections and investigate the root causes of the problems. Download


Wireless Improves Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems While Reducing Operating Costs in Manufacturing Facilities

wireless sensor networkCompressed air systems degrade over time and become leaky and inefficient. To compensate, the system operator increases the line pressure delivered by the air compressor. This results in the air compressor running more often in order to compensate for the degradation of the distribution lines. Inspections are performed infrequently and as a result, systems operate inefficiently and use excessive electricity for long periods of time.

Using a wireless monitoring system resulted in a 50% efficiency gain on the compressed air system which reduced annual operating costs by $26,000 for a five-year projected savings of $130,000. Download


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution Increases Throughput in Aluminium Plant

wireless sensor networkA wireless temperature monitoring system was deployed in an aluminium processing plant, which automatically monitors the temperature of rolls in the cooling rack every minute. The data is wirelessly transmitted to a computer in the cab of the overhead crane operator. The operator can access the temperature information, and move the materials when the correct temperature is reached, thus eliminating the need to make manual measurements. Download



Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution Reduces Downtime in Steel Plant

wireless sesnor networkThere are few places more inhospitable to a sensor than a steel plant. Yet process monitoring is critical to a steel plant’s profitably. For one major steel manufacturer, it was critical to find an accurate and cost effective way to monitor and record temperature fluctuations within the water jackets of their giant furnaces. The need for a quick installation, the high heat, and difficult positioning made installing wired sensors impossible. Read how a wireless sensor network overcame the hostile physical and electrical environment within the plant. Download

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