Data Centre Environmental Monitoring

data centre environmental monitoring

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  • Over cooling ?

  • Air flow obstructions ?

  • Hot spots ?

Data centre environmental monitoring is increasingly important as energy consumption continues to rise and reliably running systems become ever more critical to business survival.


Obtaining detailed measurements in real time has been a major constraint in achieving a true picture of the dynamic environment in a typical data centre. Traditional hard wired retrofit approaches are generally too expensive or disruptive to install or too inflexible to adapt with the changing data centre environment.


After wireless sensor technology was deployed in a government demonstration facility, implementation of the identified efficiency measures was used to reduce the data centre’s cooling load by 48%, reducing total datacentre power usage by 17%. This represented an annual saving of 657 Megawatt hours (MWh). There was also a corresponding reduction in the data centre’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), from 1.83 to 1.51. The data centre’s carbon footprint was reduced by 542 metric tons annually


Wireless sensor network systems eliminate the key logistical barrier of placing additional wiring in overcrowded racks. Because they are easily expandable and relocatable, wireless mesh systems also provide flexibility to grow and adapt as a data centre evolves over time. Data centre temperature monitoring and data centre cooling are two important parameters which are easily and continuously monitored. A wireless mesh network also allows monitored points to be changed or added to without the need for specialist skills. If required the wireless mesh network can also provide control outputs to support new requirements.


data centre environmental monitoring

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Wireless monitoring solutions from Adaptive Wireless Solutions include the  Data Centre Environmental Assessment kit for temporary monitoring requirements. The kit comes packaged in a rugged case to ease transportation and shipping. The system can be running in minutes and provides the sensors required to measure, for example, server inlet temperatures, hot aisle temperature and humidity, supply and return CRAC / CRAH temperatures.


Sensors can be relocated in real time for preliminary surveys and needs assessment or left in situ for trend analysis as part of data centre efficiency projects. The Services Gateway can operate in a stand-alone fashion with on board, browser accessible visualization, trending and alarming or integrate seamlessly to BAS and DCIM systems through its range of standard protocols.


Data centre environmental monitoring data can be easily integrated with virtually any building automation system or network monitoring application through LON, Modbus, BACNet, SNMP or direct I/O interfaces.


Alternatively Adaptive Wireless Solutions can provide a complete permanent monitoring system with wireless sensors feeding data into OnCall real time monitoring software. OnCall can monitor the whole spectrum of IT infrastructure and supporting utility services including network services, providing continuous information about energy consumption, availability status and performance.


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