The WT770 is a conventionally wired 24 Volt, 2 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool, 3 Fan Speed

The WT770 is a conventionally wired 24 Volt, 2 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool, 3 Fan Speed
Thermostat. It comes equipped with a Full Function Device Mesh Radio in the Sub-Base of
the Thermostat. Configurable for Gas/Electric, Heat Pump ( B or O ) orientation of the
reversing valve, Fan Furnace Control and 44 configurable parameters in the set-up menu
that allow for complete customization of each Thermostat

Detailed Specifications 
RF Classification802.15.4 ISM Band Device ( Instrument / Scientific / Medical )
Frequency2.4 GHz 16 Channels
Network ArchitectureStar Mesh PAN Coordinator
FirmwareUpgradeable over SensorLink Mesh Network
Transmit Sensitivity12 dBm
Receive Sensitivity-94 dBm
Device ClassificationFull Function Device
Power RequirementsOperates on 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (+/- 15%)
Inputs ( One Discrete )WT770 can support up to 4 wired 10 K Ohm Type III Thermistors
Outputs ( Five Discrete )Form A Relays ( Com/NO ) Rated at 1 Amp – 30 VAC
Transmit Power.35 VA @ 24 VAC
Communication PortRS 485 RTU ModBus 9.6 to 19.2 kbaud
Transmission Update Interval ( Data )Selectable 10-3,600 Seconds
Line of Sight Range1,400 Feet / 425 Meters
LED Status IndicatorAssociated with Mesh Network
Special Notes
Embedded ApplicationsComplete Multi-Stage Control ( See Dip Switch Settings for Equipment Types )
Operates in Conjuction withWO21 Occupancy Sensor
Configurable Variables44 User Selectable Parameters ( Consult Advanced Installation Manual )
Operating ParametersConsult Users Manual
FCC / CE ListedYes

Category Model number Item Description
FFD – I/O WT770 Star Mesh Network Full Function Multi Stage Low Voltage Thermostat

These are examples of  industries and applications in which this product has been used:

Retail & Restaurant

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