Energy Management

Having a detailed understanding of your plant or building power consumption is vital to taking energy conservation measures, tracking equipment status and avoiding downtime. With the wide range of wireless sensing inputs types coupled with hundreds of available commercial meters and sensors from Adaptive Wireless Solutions Ltd, wireless energy monitoring is simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.

With new regulations concerning Display Energy Certificates (DEC) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and recent increases in energy prices there has never been a greater need for energy monitoring to ensure buildings and processes comply with legislation and consumption is minimised. The Adaptive Wireless energy monitoring system allows total flexibility by avoiding the cost of hard wiring sensors and enabling measurement points to be changed to track down problem areas.

Should hard-wired or network-connected monitoring devices be required as part of a solution we are able to provide suitable equipment that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the installation and allows data from all meter types and situations to be gathered.

We are also able to supply meters of all types for electricity, gas, water and liquid fuels.

Traditional data loggers require regular manual inspection and frequent site visits to collect data. With a wireless energy monitoring solution data can be sent continuously across the network to a remote site. The built in graphical user interfaces allow analysis of collected data in real time. Another key benefit of a wireless energy monitoring solution is the ease with which measuring points can be moved or added without requiring specialist support to reconfigure the network.

Typical applications for a wireless energy monitoring system include energy audits, commissioning and post occupancy performance monitoring for new buildings.

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