Industrial Communication

Industrial Communication – Ethernet, Field Bus and Serial Communications

industrial communicationIn the industrial communication market there are many different networks available (list of automation protocols). This is challenging for device manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators and end users who need to connect different machines and networks which do not speak the same language.

Industrial communication gateways offer quick and easy network integration by acting as translators between industrial networks and industrial devices.

Industrial Communication Challenges

Industrial communication gateways solve a number of problems found in typical industrial automation applications:

  • Production line extension – extend an existing production segment with new machines and new network types
  •  Factory upgrade – migrating from fieldbus to industrial Ethernet. Retrofitting  old PLC systems, and connecting  to a newer system, keeping existing I/O modules and wiring infrastructure
  •  PLC to PLC communication – connect two PLC systems from different brands such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff,  ABB
  •  Segmentation of networks – divide a network topology into logical segments. Create clear cuts between different parts of the plant, both logical and electrical
  •  Enterprise level integration – integrate factory floor data with enterprise level systems such as SCADA, SAP, OPC etc. Gateways are included in most of the major PLC manufacturers’ system building software making it easy  to integrate them into a network design
  •  Connect any industrial device – for a system integrator or end user: select the best devices available for the application needs — regardless of manufacturer or internal protocol. For a machine builder or device manufacturer: make machinery or device compatible with any industrial network by simply connecting an appropriate gateway — enabling new market entry
  •  Enter new segments – gateways are suitable for a wide range of applications within factories, buildings, power& energy and infrastructure. For example, make building devices part of an industrial network , such as temperature sensors, energy meters, gas  and water meters .

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