Netbiter Argos

Netbiter Argos


The Netbiter server is a secure reliable online management portal that collects and stores information from remote devices out in the field. It provides functions like monitoring, control, alarm management, historical data logging, trending, reports and data exports services.

The Netbiter Argos server is completely web based ( and acts as a central place for easy visualization and management of your equipment. Knowing your equipment’s health and status becomes a powerful tool in predicting potential faults and increasing efficiency.

It helps to avoid service personnel travelling to remote locations as emergency visits can often be avoided saving time and money.

True plug’n’play

The Netbiter Argos server makes remote installations over Internet and GPRS true plug’n’play without complex workaround like special SIM cards and VPN connections.

The solution solves important and common challenges including:

• Secure access of firewall protected equipment over the Internet without VPN or other complex workarounds.
• No need for public and fixed IP numbers.
• Wireless connectivity with GPRS using any standard SIM card (no expensive M2M SIM cards needed).
• Web based alarm management, data logging, trending, read and write data.
• Easy and fast deployment – no client software, no network configuration.
• Management of large installations (users, projects, devices, backups, documentation etc.)

How it Works

Netbiter Remote Gateways (NRG) support communication with the Netbiter Argos server.

Authorized users get a secure and reliable bidirectional connection with remote sites that allow both reading and writing of runtime parameter data or configuration of the remote devices. The Netbiter Argos server does not require complex and costly third party applications. From a user point of view, the only tool needed is a web browser on a computer or mobile phone.

The solution supports common communication technologies including the Internet, GSM, GPRS, 3G or analogue telephone lines. It automatically monitors the health of equipment according to conditions defined by users. This is done 24/7 and if a problem occurs, detailed alarm information will be provided to an authorized user.

Storing long term log data and analysing trend graphs becomes an invaluable tool in understanding the behaviour of remote equipment and machinery in different conditions and locations.

The Netbiter Argos server offers many functions for management of users, projects, devices and data. Some examples are backup/restore of remote configurations and software, documentation of remote sites including file storage and performance reports.

Visualise, monitor and control

The web based user interface provides secure access for authorized users of field installations. By creating application specific dashboards, field data from remote installations can be visually dis-
played and users are provided with full control of equipment parameters

Data acquisition and historical trends

By analysing historical data and monitoring trends, it is possible to learn how equipment and devices perform in the field. Visualized trends make it easy to analyse field data and spot deviations. For detailed analysis data can be exported to tools such as Microsoft Excel or similar.


With the Netbiter Argos server it’s possible to view the location of each device in the field on a geographical map overview. The map also gives a good overview of the device health as alarms are automatically highlighted on the screen

Alarm management

Netbiter Argos provides instant information regarding both current and historical alarm status of each remote site. Thresholds are configured and notifications distributed to users of the system, via SMS or email, which allows equipment health and system operation to be monitored

Project management

The project management system is an important tool for administration of equipment and users, as well as online storage and access for other project related files, such as service reports, blue-prints, or project documentation

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