Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring Gateway

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The Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring Gateway is communication gateway that connects to field equipment and enables direct connection to the Netbiter Argos™ data centre.

On-board I/O ports on the EC350 gateway provides the option to connect sensors and additional equipment to the system.

Wherever your field equipment is located, just connect it to the gateway and you will be able to access equipment data online in a regular web browser. The plug-and-play functionality makes it possible to perform large-scale installations within minutes.

Once you have connected the EC350 gateway to your installation, it will automatically start to send setup and initialization data via the Internet or the mobile network (GSM/GPRS/3G) to Netbiter Argos.

This means you only just need to physically connect the gateway, the setup and configuration can be made remotely from any location. Another handy feature is the built-in temperature sensor which can allow you to monitor the location of the gateway to ensure you optimize its placement during installation.

Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring Gateway is a series of communication gateway that connect to field equipment and enable direct connection to the Netbiter Argos™ data centre.

Netbiter EC350 Remote Monitoring Gateways connect to field equipment via several connection methods: Serial RS-232/485 Modbus RTU, Modbus-TCP, SNMP or EtherNet/IP. On-board I/O ports extend the EasyConnect gateways by allowing sensors and additional equipment to be added to the system.

The gateways interface with the cloud-based Netbiter Argos server via the cellular network or Ethernet. By logging in to, you can access and visualize equipment data online and get alarms via email or SMS whenever certain thresholds are reached.

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