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Netbiter remote monitoring solution enables you to monitor, control and supervise the performance and operation of remote equipment and installations via Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or 3G networks.

Application areas include: Building & HVAC, Power Generators & Industrial Automation

Netbiter remote monitoring solutions include three main elements: Cloud management services, communication gateways and site and equipment hosting via the Netbiter Argos data centre.

Netbiter Argos is packaged in three different services that meet different user requirements. Select the Netbiter Argos Service that best suits your and your customers’ needs.

    Opens a secure data tunnel to a PLC or machine for remote programming
    Monitor and control equipment via online dashboards, trend graphs, and alarms
    Manage several sites, equipment and users. You can also integrate data into your own systems


What is Netbiter ?


Solution Architecture - WM with Netbiter EC350


What is Netbiter

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Netbiter remote monitoring solution from HMS Industrial Networks is a complete and unique turn-key solution that enables you to control and supervise remote installations and consists of three main elements:




1. Connectivity via Netbiter communication gateways

Netbiter EasyConnect

Communication gateways (“EasyConnect”) provide plug-and-play connectivity to your remote equipment in the field.

The Netbiter EasyConnect™ are small robust, remote communication gateways designed to get your industrial equipment and installations online fast! The gateways are designed for industrial applications and are available with GSM/GPRS wireless access or Ethernet communication.

  • Automatic Netbiter Argos™ data centre integration with full access to all Argos features
  • Connects to I/O or serial based field equipment via GSM/GPRS or Ethernet networks
  • Provides a unique and secure connection for devices behind firewalls, eliminates IP addresses and VPN tunnels




EC310 gateway

EC310 gateway

Netbiter EC350 communication gateway

EC350 gateway


Netbiter EasyConnect 300-series

The Netbiter EasyConnect EC300 series is the newest generation of connectivity gateways that automatically connects industrial field equipment to the Netbiter Argos data center. The EC300-series supports all Netbiter Argos Services.

  • Instant connectivity to your remote equipment
  • Supports “Remote Access” — remote programming of a PLC or machine
  • Connectivity via GSM/GPRS/ 5-band 3G or via dual-band separated Ethernet
  • Firewall-friendly, no fixed IP addresses. Can be used with local SIM cards if needed

EC310 gateway

EC350 gateway



2. Secure hosting over the cloud

The Argos data centre is a secure hosting service where all your equipment data is stored and accessed.

Netbiter Argos is an online data centre gathering and storing information from your equipment in the field. The data centre is securely hosted by HMS with redundant servers in several locations. The service is FREE if large-scale storage of historical data is not required with modest fees for up to 1m records of history.

Netbiter Argos datasheet

3. Cloud management services

A full suite of “cloud-based” dashboards and tools allow you to visualize your data in an easy, efficient way and are available through the Argos data centre.

remote monitoring solution

Argos screen shot

Log in to Netbiter Argos at    (log in with User : demouser, Password: demouser) to access a full suite of free “cloud-based”  remote management tools


  • Dashboards for visualisation, monitoring & control
  • Alarm management
  • Diagnostics & data trending
  • Management reports
  • User, project management
  • GPS tracking – mobile asset management
  • Integrating Argos data centre services

Netbiter I/O Extenders

I/O Extenders are a collection of analogue and discrete I/O modules with Modbus-RTU protocol communication. The modules are ideal for a wide variety of distributed I/O applications including data acquisition and control, process monitoring as well as test and measurement.

remote monitoring solution

Netbiter IO extenders

Netbiter I/O Extenders Data Sheet

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