Adaptive Wireless Solutions Ltd currently partners with the following companies:


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Ecomm’s wireless control network and energy management system has been specifically designed to be scalable to many different size buildings, from relatively small commercial facilities to large industrial and residential properties.


Wireless Sensors

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Wireless Sensors is a leading supplier of sensor networking products for commercial and industrial markets leveraging standards compliant networking technology. The company integrates physical measurement sensors with advanced low power mesh radios for energy conservation, regulatory compliance, process optimization and other high value applications requiring high performance at a low total cost of ownership.





Netbiter is a complete m2m remote management solution that enables you to monitor, control and supervise the performance and operation of remote equipment and installations via Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or 3G networks.

Netbiter consists of three main elements: Cloud management services, Netbiter communication gateways and site and equipment hosting via the Netbiter Argos data center.






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