Power supplies & protective housings

Wireless products supplied by Adaptive are suitable for many applicationsusing their standard housings and power supplies. However,certain application require devices to be provided with alternative power supply or protective housings.

Power Supply

Solar repeater enclosure

Most of our devices that require line power are provided with plug-top mains power adapters. Many of the wireless sensing devices are specifically designed to run on battery power for years and some of those also have the option of being externally powered if the application allows it.

There are applications when a persistent external power source is required when none is locally available. Typically this might be when a mesh router/repeater or sensing device needs to be installed in a location where line power is available only part-time or not at all.

Examples would be:

  • Mounting on lamp-posts where the power to the lamp-post is on a master time or daylight sensing switch and goes off in hours of daylight.
  • Mounting on a land fill site or location on a large campus or industrial plant site in open space or on a roof when power is simply not available or too costly to install.

Fortunately, even though they require a persistent power source the power drain of our wireless mesh devices is relatively low, making them suitable for rechargeable battery power over shorter periods (days or weeks). This makes both interruptible mains or solar power backed up by a rechargeable battery a viable solution. We have supplied both types to customers.

Sensors requiring a power source may also be fed from the unit, depending upon the power rating needed. Typically the design includes an IP66 housing with ample space for the wireless device and suitable mounting hardware. The design can be varied to suit requirements.

Protective Housings

GRP housing

Wireless devices should not be mounted inside metal control or electrical panels as this significantly affects radio performance. We offer the option of economically adding protection to our range of wireless devices if your application needs it. Enclosures can be rated up to IP68 and are a neat and stylish way of adding required protection to your wireless sensing and router/repeater devices for use, for example; outdoors, clean rooms, wash-down installations (e.g. food industry), or any application where increased dust and water ingress protection is needed. A wide range of sizes and materials is available, depending upon the application requirements.

All housings used are a suitable form of plastic such as GRP, ABS or polycarbonate. Wireless devices should not be mounted inside metal control or electrical panels as this significantly affects radio performance.

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