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We work on the basis that whatever the m2m connectivity challenge, the answer is yes !

Our solutions are  able to connect devices to each other and to back end systems regardless of the scale or type of the enterprise or geography involved using a combination of wired and wireless technologies at the local site (LAN or WiFi or 802.15.4) and for wide area connection (Web or GPRS).

Product types include Modbus RTU. 4-20mA, 0-10V, pulse, contact, temperature, humidity, on the local end and a range of protocols at the back end. Over 300 stand-alone protocol conversion gateways solve almost any kind of industrial communication connectivity problem.

Products supplied by Adaptive Wireless Solutions are suitable for many applications using their standard housings and power supplies. However, certain applications require devices to be provided with alternative power supply or protective housings.

Wireless sensors

“We strongly believe that the wireless sensor networking market opportunity is reaching its tipping point for growth; there is now substantially greater recognition of the technological capabilities and the potential benefits of connecting devices to the Internet, particularly sensors and related intelligent edge devices”

[Harbor Research]

Each range includes a selection of sensors (or reduced function devices), repeaters (or full function devices) & gateways (or PAN coordinators). To see how they are used in typical applications take a look at our Solutions section or our Applications examples. These pages illustrate the wide range of uses for wireless sensor networks – including energy monitoring, renewable energy monitoring, data centres and building management systems.   We offer the most robust and reliable wireless sensor network and control products available in the UK market and include systems manufactured by:


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To get an overview of each wireless product range  take a look at the one-page summary diagrams on these links:

ECOMM overview

Wireless  Sensors  overview


Although all the product lines use a similar underlying mesh radio technology there are subtle differences between them in the way they implement the different layers of the protocol. Each has strengths suited to specific application types. This is where our years of experience and product knowledge becomes invaluable as we help you select and implement the right system for your application. For more detail on each product range see these pages:



Wireless Sensors



Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring systems enable you to monitor, control and supervise the performance and operation of remote equipment and installations via Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or 3G networks.

The Netbiter range provide complete end-to-end solutions for power generators, renewable energy, telecom base stations, tank monitoring, building and HVAC, industrial automation and much more.

Netbiter is a complete M2M remote management solution that enables you to monitor, control and supervise the performance and operation of remote equipment and installations via Ethernet, GSM, GPRS or 3G networks.


Industrial communications

In the industrial communications market there are many different networks available. This is challenging for device manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators and end users who need to connect different machines and networks which do not speak the same language.

Anybus industrial communications gateways offer quick and easy network integration by acting as translators between industrial communications networks and industrial devices.



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