ESTA ( The Energy Services & Technology Association)

ESTA, the Energy Services and Technology Association, is the UK’s leading Energy Management industry association. ESTA focuses on demand side energy efficiency of buildings, building services and process services

Industrial Wireless Book

E-magazine covering all aspects of industrial wireless including mesh sensor networks.

ISA SP100 Committee

Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society committee on Wireless Systems for Automation. The SP100.11a working group is currently focused on the development of protocol standards for industrial wireless mesh sensor networks.

The ZigBee Alliance

The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. The first ZigBee standard has been widely promoted and is finding application in low cost, low performance applications. In effect the Alliance are in competition with ISA SP100 in creating a useful standard for industrial use.

Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA)

A coalition of industrial end-user companies, technology suppliers, industry organizations, software developers, system integrators, and others interested in the advancement of wireless solutions for industry. WINA believes that industrial end users deserve access to clear, unbiased technical information on comprehensive wireless solutions and seeks to provide it.

Sensors Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

The Sensors KTN is a network covering the whole of the UK’s sensing community, from academics and large industries to small businesses, research councils and government departments. It embraces sensing in its entirety – from the principles of measurement to novel sensor technologies, deployment in the field and data analysis. The Sensors KTN is supported by DTI in recognition of the strategic importance of sensing to the UK economy and quality of life. It is managed by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s measurement and standards institute.

Sensors KTN Wireless Sensing Interest Group (WiSIG)

The Wireless Sensing Interest Group (WiSIG) has been established to explore the opportunities, applications and successful deployment of wireless technologies and subsequently inform and advise the UK sensing community on its uses and benefits.

Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

A useful international blog on wireless sensor networks that covers new products, the latest papers, new books, applications of wireless sensor networks and conferences.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute is an independent, non-profit organization, whose mission is to produce telecommunications standards for today and for the future. ETSI is officially responsible for standardization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within Europe. These technologies include telecommunications, broadcasting and related areas such as intelligent transportation and medical electronics.

Low Power Radio Association

LPRA was established in 1990 as a link between the pioneering low power deregulated radio industry and the UK Radiocommunications Agency. LPRA has kept pace through its international membership with increasing global harmonization in radio matters and now as a full ETSI member actively represents the low power Short Range Devices industry in developing Standards and Regulations vital for development, budgeting and marketing forecasts.

International Telecommunications Union

Coordinates and provides information on the management of radio spectrum in countries around the world.

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