Waste Recycling Plants

With our specialist partner Greencycle Systems Ltd , Adaptive Wireless Solutions Ltd can deliver complete solutions for cost-effective composting control for recycling plants handling green waste and animal by-products (ABP).

We can also deliver specific wireless monitoring and control solutions for rotating and static plant in all types of recycling and waste processing facilities where the environment and cost of retrofitting wired monitoring is either not possible, prohibitively expensive or  too disruptive to normal plant operations.

Green and ABP waste plants usually use one of several methods of processing, depending upon the waste types being handled:

1)     Indoor composting in static bunkers including pasteurisation phase in-bunker.

2)     Indoor composting in static bunkers with separate pasteurisation step which may be in a large rotating (heated) vessel(s)

3)     Indoor composting in large rotating digester vessels with separate pasteurisation step in a large rotating (heated) vessel(s)

4)     Green waste plants also use outdoor windrow systems. ABP plants are usually indoors to better manage odour issues.

In all cases the plant design and operation will usually embody several or all of the following requirements

  • Compost Aeration Control
  • Air Heat Recovery
  • Composting Process Monitoring for Temperature
  • Pasteuriser Time/Temp Control
  • Ammonia Scrubbers
  • Biofilter Control

Plants can also need upgrading to comply with more stringent regulations if new waste streams are to be handled, for example adding ABP capability to a green waste plant.

Such changes usually require addition of more intensive monitoring for EA and State Veterinary regulations compliance and often wireless systems are the most practical and economic way to retrofit the monitoring systems required.


For more information see our Waste Recycling Plants Solution Guide and our more detailed Description of a Typical Plant. Also take a look at our completed Projects List

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