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Spinwave expands data centre wireless sensor range

Spinwave has recently introduced a new sensor line with significantly more range than earlier models. The new sensor has an open field range of 1,000 Ft. (300 m), which is a 60% increase over the 600 feet in earlier models. … Continue reading

Hospital wireless temperature monitoring

Hospitals are required to adhere to stringent temperature monitoring of freezers and refrigerators used to store pharmaceuticals, blood, organs, tissues, food and other items. Regulatory requirements (e.g. FDA, AABB, cGMP) are closely watched by regulatory bodies to ensure patient safety. … Continue reading

59% of industrial companies are planning wireless sensing solutions

With the potential to save industry billions of dollars in increased efficiencies and avoided downtime, industrial companies are early adopters of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology. Click here to find out more

SensiNet third generation wireless sensors

Wireless Sensors, LLC and Adaptive Wireless Solutions have announced a strategic alliance to bring the advanced capabilities of the SensiNet wireless sensor network to the European market.  Under the terms of the agreement Wireless Sensors, LLC appoints Adaptive Wireless Solutions  … Continue reading

Salford Energy House

The recently opened Salford Energy House is an “old-build” traditional Salford style house, c1920’s, constructed from reclaimed materials to represent 20% of the UK’s current building stock. The house is constructed within an environmentally controllable laboratory in which levels of heat, … Continue reading

Wireless Sensing for Smart Buildings

This event will bring together the Wireless Sensing community of the ESP KTN with the building industry and major property owners, including house builders, housing associations, data centres and retailers.  It will explore the information requirements of the building community … Continue reading

Data centre reduces energy cost with wireless sensors

Wireless temperature sensors supplied by Spinwave Systems helped reduce energy consumption at a data centre operated by a household name online giant. Click here to read the full story

Wireless aids food storage temperature compliance

Read how a fast food chain is reducing compliance costs and guarding against refrigeration equipment failure using a wireless solution. Click here for full details.

Recent articles highlight possibilities for wireless sensors

These articles discuss some of the issues to consider when specifying wireless sensor networks and illustrate the wide range of industries benefitting from the flexibility and ease of use wireless offers.

NEW website from E-Senza

E-Senza have recently upgraded their web site. Click here to check out what’s new.