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Anybus X-Gateway selection matrix EtherNet/IP Slave Modbus TCP Slave Profinet IO Slave EtherCAT Slave Profibus Slave DeviceNet Slave CANopen Slave Modbus RTU Slave CC-Link Slave J1939 Slave ControlNet Slave FIPIO Slave Interbus Slave Inter Fibre Optic Slave Modbus Plus Slave Lonworks Slave Profinet IRT Slave
Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P Part No P
Profibus Master AB7800 B AB7629 B AB7646 B AB7696 B AB7801 B AB7802 B AB7807 B AB7808 B AB7810 B N/A AB7803 C AB7804 C AB7805 C AB7806 C AB7809 C N/A N/A
DeviceNet Scanner AB7916 B AB7630 B AB7647 B AB7697 B AB7663 B AB7811 B AB7816 B AB7817 B AB7819 B N/A AB7812 C AB7813 C AB7814 C AB7815 C AB7818 C N/A N/A
EtherNet/IP Scanner AB7668 B AB7669 B AB7670 B AB7699 B AB7671 B AB7672 B AB7677 B AB7678 B AB7680 B N/A AB7673 C AB7674 C AB7675 C AB7676 C AB7679 C N/A N/A
AS-Interface Master AB7820 B AB7631 B AB7648 B AB7698 B AB7821 B AB7822 B AB7827 B AB7828 B AB7830 B N/A AB7823 C AB7824 C AB7825 C AB7826 C AB7829 C N/A N/A
CANopen Master AB7306 D AB7308 D AB7307 D AB7300 D AB7301 D AB7302 D AB7304 D AB7305 D N/A N/A AB7303 E N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A AB7309 E
Modbus TCP Master AB9006 F AB9008 F AB9007 F AB9000 F AB9001 F AB9002 F AB9004 F AB9005 F AB9009 F N/A AB9003 E N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
EtherNet/IP Adapter AB7831 A AB7632 A AB7649 A AB7682 A AB7832 A AB7833 A AB7838 A AB7839 A AB7841 A AB7665 A AB7834 C AB7835 C AB7836 C AB7837 C AB7840 C AB7842 C N/A
Modbus TCP slave AB7632 A AB7633 A AB7650 A AB7901 A AB7634 A AB7635 A AB7640 A AB7641 A AB7643 A AB7665 A AB7636 C AB7637 C AB7638 C AB7639 C AB7642 C AB7644 C N/A
Profinet IO Slave AB7649 A AB7650 A AB7651 A AB7684 A AB7652 A AB7653 A AB7658 A AB7659 A AB7661 A N/A AB7654 C AB7655 C AB7656 C AB7657 C AB7660 C AB7662 C N/A
EtherCAT Slave AB7682 A AB7901 A AB7684 A AB7900 A AB7685 A AB7686 A AB7691 A AB7692 A AB7694 A N/A AB7687 C AB7688 C AB7689 C AB7690 C AB7693 C AB7695 C N/A
Profibus Slave AB7832 A AB7634 A AB7652 A AB7685 A AB7843 A AB7844 A AB7849 A AB7850 A AB7852 A AB7615 A AB7845 C AB7846 C AB7847 C AB7848 C AB7851 C AB7853 C AB7913 C
DeviceNet Adapter AB7833 A AB7635 A AB7653 A AB7686 A AB7844 A AB7854 A AB7859 A AB7860 A AB7862 A N/A AB7855 C AB7856 C AB7857 C AB7858 C AB7861 C AB7863 C N/A
CANopen Slave AB7838 A AB7640 A AB7658 A AB7691 A AB7849 A AB7859 A AB7894 A AB7895 A AB7897 A N/A AB7868 C AB7876 C AB7883 C AB7889 C AB7896 C AB7898 C AB7915 C
Modbus RTU Slave AB7839 A AB7641 A AB7659 A AB7692 A AB7850 A AB7860 A AB7895 A AB7894 A AB7621 A AB7612 A AB7869 C AB7877 C AB7884 C AB7890 C AB7620 C AB7009 A N/A
CC-Link Slave AB7841 A AB7643 A AB7661 A AB7694 A AB7852 A AB7862 A AB7897 A AB7621 A AB7626 A N/A AB7871 C AB7879 C AB7886 C AB7892 C AB7624 C AB7627 C N/A
J1939 AB7665 A AB7665 A N/A N/A AB7615 A N/A N/A AB7612 A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
ControlNet Adapter AB7834 C AB7636 C AB7654 C AB7687 C AB7845 C AB7855 C AB7868 C AB7869 C AB7871 C N/A AB7864 C AB7865 C AB7866 C AB7867 C AB7870 C AB7872 C N/A
FIPIO Slave AB7835 C AB7637 C AB7655 C AB7688 C AB7846 C AB7856 C AB7876 C AB7877 C AB7879 C N/A AB7865 C AB7873 C AB7874 C AB7875 C AB7878 C AB7880 C N/A
Interbus Slave AB7836 C AB7638 C AB7656 C AB7689 C AB7847 C AB7857 C AB7883 C AB7884 C AB7886 C N/A AB7866 C AB7874 C AB7881 C AB7882 C AB7885 C AB7887 C AB7914 C
Interbus FO Slave AB7837 C AB7639 C AB7657 C AB7690 C AB7848 C AB7858 C AB7889 C AB7890 C AB7892 C N/A AB7867 C AB7875 C AB7882 C AB7888 C AB7891 C AB7893 C N/A
Modbus Plus Slave AB7840 C AB7642 C AB7660 C AB7693 C AB7851 C AB7861 C AB7896 C AB7620 C AB7624 C N/A AB7870 C AB7878 C AB7885 C AB7891 C AB7623 C AB7625 C N/A
Lonworks Slave AB7842 C AB7644 C AB7662 C AB7695 C AB7853 C AB7863 C AB7898 C AB7009 A AB7627 C N/A AB7872 C AB7880 C AB7887 C AB7893 C AB7625 C AB7628 C N/A
Profinet IRT Slave N/A N/A N/A N/A AB7913 C N/A AB7915 C N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A AB7914 C N/A N/A N/A N/A

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Description Note Order Code List Price
Common slave – slave A (blue) See matrix POA
Common master – slave B (pink) See matrix POA
Odd master – slave, slave – slave C (green) See matrix POA
CANopen master common D (yellow) See matrix POA
CANopen master odd E (orange) See matrix POA
Modbus TCP master common F (magenta) See matrix POA
Modbus TCP master odd G (orange) See matrix POA


Anybus X-gateway

The Anybus X-Gateway family is a product line consisting of hundreds of different products aimed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks.

The product family supports the most popular fieldbus networks such as ProfiBus, DeviceNet, CANopen and CC-Link as well as many industrial

Ethernet versions. Anybus X-Gateways are designed for use in industrial automation plants where increasingly many different industrial networks are used.

The X-Gateways help system integrators to easily interconnect between two networks enabling transparent information flow throughout the entire plant.


  • Transparent transfer of I/O data between two networks
  • Fast I/O data exchange between networks, normal transfer time is 10-15mS depending on network type
  • Up to 512 bytes of input and 512 bytes of output data
  • Additional parameter data supported (depending on network combination)
  • Inbuilt simple configuration interface accessible via Windows Hyper Terminal
  • IT functions such as dynamic web server, supporting downloadable customer specific web pages
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic features for most Ethernet versions based on an integrated web server
  • Optional control status information added to I/O data for diagnostic purposes
  • Free OPC server supporting data access (DA) v1.0, 2.05, 3.0, tag editor, online diagnostics and online viewer/editor
  • DIN-rail mountable

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