As an independent company we can offer you impartial advice on how to approach the use of wireless sensor networks in your operations and business.

In the current frenzy of interest surrounding the potential for such networks, potential users can find it difficult to differentiate solutions that work and are available now from the predictions of market researchers or the aspirations of vendors.

We believe it is very important to select wireless technology of the right type for the right application and we can help you do that in a way that gives you complete confidence in the solution. By working with a range of suppliers and collaborators each expert in their field we are able to build best of breed solutions for a very wide variety of requirements.

Our service model is based on the principle of delivering real solutions to real problems with return on investment and partnership with our customers as the primary objectives.

Our Services include:

  • Impartial Technology Evaluation and Advice
  • Solution Development
  • Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and Training

Experts in industrial and commercial wireless monitoring & control solutions