The WO21 is a battery powered, multi-function sensor.

The WO21 is a battery powered, multi-function sensor. It hosts a PIR motion sensor,
magnetically operated door switch, and has two configurable inputs for either 30 K Ohm
Thermistor temperature sensors or contact closure. The WO12 also has an on board
Tamper switch as a discrete input. The WO21 operates for 2 Years on two standard
alkaline AA batteries, which are purchased separately

Detailed Specifications 
RF Classification802.15.4 ISM Band Device ( Instrument / Scientific / Medical )
Frequency2.4 GHz 16 Channels
Network ArchitectureStar Mesh PAN Coordinator
FirmwareUpgradeable over SensorLink Mesh Network
Transmit Sensitivity0 dBm
Receive Sensitivity-94 dBm
Device ClassificationReduced Function Device ( Non-Router Repeater )
Power RequirementsOperates on 2 AA Standard Alkaline Batteries ( Nominal 3 VDC )
Inputs ( One Wired Discrete )Configurable via Mesh / Dry Contact/ Pulse or 30 K Ohm Thermistor “Type J” Curve
Passive Infrared Motion SensorRange 30 Feet / 9 Meters
Door SwitchMagnetically operated Reed Switch ( Magnet and Mounting Hardware included )
Tamper SwitchInternal ( Activated when chassis is separated )
Transmission Update Interval ( Data )Selectable 8-3,600 Seconds in 8 Second Increments
Line of Sight Range600 Feet / 183 Meters
Special Notes
Embedded ApplicationsStaged Temperature Set-Back / Set-Up Routines
Operates in Conjuction withMG01 FFD Controller and WT22 RFD Display Temperature Sensor
Operates in Conjuction withWT770 Mesh Thermostat FFD
Multiple Occupancy Sensor BindingMG01 can have up to 2 WO12 RFD’s Bound to the embedded application
Embedded Control Application Period2 Second Response Time
FCC / CE ListedYes

Category Model number Item Description
RFD – OCC WO21 Star Mesh Network Reduced Function Device Temp, Occupancy, Door contact

These are the following industries and applications in which this product has been used:

Plant & Motor Control

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